All our team at Ricky's Rubbish Removal are all fully vaccinated.


We are permitted to continue to provide  rubbish removal services during Melbourne's ‘Stay at Home’ restrictions.


We operate with Work Permits and COVID-19 Safety Plans that outline our work safety protocols in line with the Victorian Government's advice. 


These documents are available upon request. 

Residential customers:
We are NOT permited to enter your home, so please take your rubbish  
outside for us to collect.

We can run our operation without physical contact with you, the customer.  We do this by pre-arranging access to the rubbish.  You don't need to be at the job site.


Payment can be made without contact, via our card facility  over the phone with credit or debit card or by direct bank transfer (if this has been pre arranged and agreed to).


Thank you for your ongoing patience and co-operation as we all continue to work together to stay safe.


Matt Morrow.

Director, Ricky's Rubbish PTY LTD.