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Who is Ricky?
Ricky's Rubbish truck illustration

Established in 1995,  Ricky's Rubbish Removal was one of the first hands on rubbish removal businesses in inner city Melbourne.  

Starting out with one old truck, Ricky's Rubbish Removal has grown into a professional business, with a fleet of trucks and a rubbish depot to sort recyclables.  


Having been in the business for 20 years, Ricky's Rubbish Removal has more experience than most other hands on rubbish removal businesses in Melbourne.  


They have a professional, friendly team who are committed to providing the best rubbish removal, hard rubbish collection, junk removal, trash collection service to all their customers. 

Matt and Sophy Morrow started Ricky's Rubbish Removal in 1995.  


Ricky's Rubbish Removal was named after their beloved blue healer dog, Ricky. 

Ricky would accompany Matt in the truck, and at each job, he would sniff out any scraps he could find.  

He was a good old dog, who died in 2001 of old age. 

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