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sorting Depot & RECYCLING

The Ricky's Rubbish Removal depot is where the recyclables are sorted before they are taken to the recycling facilities.  


This means Ricky's Rubbish Removal is putting less waste into landfill than most small rubbish removal businesses (that don't have a rubbish sorting depot).  

Customers should be aware that many rubbish removal businesses do NOT recycle hard rubbish and most hard rubbish ends up in landfill.  The worse case scenario is that rubbish is dumped illegally.


Often, this is why there is a disparity in quote prices.  It takes a bit more time and effort to sort and recycle hard rubbish and therefore, sometimes can cost slightly more to remove your rubbish.  


For example, to dispose of a mattress, it must first be pulled apart so the various materials can be recycled.  This can only be done by hand, so takes time and effort.  Landfill tips do not accept mattresses, as they are a fire hazard.  So breaking them down is the only way to responsibly dispose of your old mattress.

It is almost impossible for a small rubbish removal business to recycle waste, without a sorting depot.

It is worth asking what happens to your rubbish?  Is it recycled, and how does the operator manage this?  

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